Enjoy your Spanish house

Edicon Spain, your first step to carefree enjoyment of your Spanish house.

Carefree Enjoyment

Spain is a beautiful country to live in. But it also has its peculiarities. Edicon Spain ensures that you can enjoy your stay in Spain to the fullest, without having to worry about the the purchase, sales, construction or the maintenance of your house.

Since 1999

For more then 15 years we find our way in the Spanish housing market. Due to our close connection with Citytrip Barcelona, a company that owns and manages multiple holiday-apartments in Barcelona, we have ample experience in all aspects surrounding home ownership.

Satisfied clients

We are happy to share that experience with you, because we only care about one thing: having satisfied customers. There is nothing more beautiful than helping others in organizing the house of their dreams!


Purchase support

So you don’t overlook the important issues and turn the key of your dream house with confidence, we offer help with:

Finding the perfect home

Through an intake conversation we’ll make a list of your desires, then consult local brokers and finally plan your visit of several houses. Once your choice is made, we will help you negotiate the purchase. (This way you often already earn back our fee!)


First analysis before making a purchase decision

Consult the cadastre

Before you start acquiring, it is important look up the cadastre to check some specific dafa concerning the property.

Check the zoning plan

We personally investigate the street and the surroundings on any form of noise hindrance, where the bins are located, traffic flow, etc.

Invisible costs

Obviously we also make a clear overview of the invisible costs that arise from yearly communal cost and municipality taxes.

Check the city register

At the city register we check things like:

  • Who is the current owner?
  • Is the property free of debts?
  • If the selling party has the right of sale.
  • How many square meters does the property really have.

Contact the owner

We get in contact with the owner to discuss the purchase conditions. Points of discussion are:

  • what is the final sum.
  • who pays which costs.
  • when is the desired transfer date.
  • demand a copy if the “cedula de habitat”.

Once the purchase is decided upon:

Aid with the contract

  • We guide the drafting of the temporary sales-contract.
  • Search for and confirmation of the notary.
  • Assist in the transfer to your name at the notary.

Bank and insurance

  • Open a bank account.
  • Communicate with the bank concerning the payment of the seller.
  • Request insurance of the property.
  • Support in the obtaining a NIE (personal identification number)

Gas, Water, Electricity & Internet

Transfer the current gas, water, electricity and internet subscriptions to your name and enable automated payment.


Sales support

Forget about the worries of a difficult sales process.


We guide you in the entire sales process of your property, from the administrative to the representative part. It is important to have local brokers informed of the opportunity and make sure that visits can be done easily.

Good presentation

A great first impression on potential buyers is of utmost importance. With a great presentation the interest can be enhanced. We take care of this by for instance hiring professional photographers.

The extra mile

Some steps that we take:

  • Expose the property at multiple brokers.
  • Intermediate during visits.
  • Hire a professional photographer.
  • Negotiate the final price.
  • Accompany the notary at the sale


Building or remodeling your home

We make sure that you can build your dream house without worries.

Build your dream house

Building a house is a complex process that often takes longer then expected in Spain. Don’t let it convert in a difficult process with loads of uncertainties, but use a construction manager that speaks the local language and that knows the habits in Spanish construction.

Choose the right people

We supervise the construction and renovation of your house. This can be done either with your own local contact or we can recommend contractors. A swift and pleasant building process depends entirely on contracting the right people. We have over 15 years of experience with several constructors.

Construction supervision

We can supervise and translate:

  • Asking for quotes.
  • Check the building process.
  • Plan (temporary) sight inspections.
  • Accompany the selection of materials.



Property management

So everything is spick and span upon your return.

Your confidant

If you stay abroad for a longer time, it is comforting to have a confidant that takes care of the small but important things here in Spain.

To perfection

We take care of the property until the owner or acquaintance moves in. We make sure that gas, water, electricity and internet all work well, empty the mailbox and clean everything to perfection.

Garden maintenance

What is greater then entering your house through a beautifully maintained garden? We make sure that all flowers, plants and trees are in pristine condition when you come back.